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Updated: Jan 26

Metal Building are a great for all kinds of uses from large warehouses to manufacture facility’s to back yard barns. The design flexibility, lower cost to construct and faster project completion times look to a Metal Building Contractor for all your building needs.

When you are in the market for a metal building, you have several options buying the steel directly from a Broker, a Factory Rep working for the manufacturing company or a metal building contractor. Metal Building contractor's have a dealership relationship with the manufacture, provide erection and permitting services.

Metal Building Contractors are dealers of a brands of metal buildings they typically offer better pricing, erection services, expertise and can provide a complete price and the Permits required.

Metal Building Brokers sell metal buildings on the internet to anyone. Most offer good services however, they sell metal buildings only. Once you sign the purchase order and pay the deposit all the great services goes down the drain. A metal Building broker might or might not be able to supply an erector to erect your building leaving you with a building sitting on the ground. Most metal building contractor will not erect someone else's building, they make money selling metal buildings and erecting. Most Brokers only sell the steel package I am sure you have heard all the add on the TV and radio for years what can the Sarge do for you nothing ! Just sell you a building.

Metal Building Factories are not interested in selling metal building to the public they have a profession builder net work, they will refer you to the local dealer in your area and or manufactures rep to connect you with the local dealer.

Metal building Contractors specialize in metal building, pre-engineered products such as roofing systems insulated wall / roof panels and the ability to price your project properly. In addition they erect the building as well as all the services need to complete the project Foundation plumbing electrical etc.

When you are in the market for a metal building look for a metal building contractor not a broker, after 50 plus years in the metal building business as a Design Build Contractor, Metal Building Specialist, look to Building Development and Consulting Services to make your dreams a reality. Servicing the entire State of Florida and Southeast United States

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