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Design Build Contractor

What Does a Design Build Contractor Do? How can hiring one benefit your next project

There are two types of general contractors: traditional and design build contractors. Most people are familiar with the traditional approach, in which the contractor takes the project plans of someone else and develops a bid to complete the work. A design build contractor provides most if not all the services required for permit issuance.  Design Build Contractors are in control of design and budgeting so the client receives a superior project that meets there budget and project goals, a traditional contractor doesn’t provide. 

A design build contractor is an end-to-end professional that fulfills all management responsibilities during the design and building phases. This means fully analyzing the project's geographical area, included land acquisition.  Also as a design build contractor we offer in-house architectural and design as well as civil and speciality engineering services. Having a single point of responsibility leads to more open communication, eliminates adversarial conditions and streamlines the entire process. As design build contractors the money and time savings in the one stop translates into money and savings in our customers pockets.  By coordinating and overseeing supply and equipment delivery, and overseeing the entirety of the construction process. This is especially beneficial should something happen unexpectedly during the project that requires the design and budgets to be modified.

If you are in need of a design build contractor, contact Building Development Consulting Services. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Building Development Consulting Services has helped with many projects that range from commercial industrial office warehouses to restaurants, tenant build outs and multifamily projects statewide and in the Southeast United States

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