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Commercial Contractor

Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Contractor

Do you need your office removed or an addition maybe a new restaurant built whatever your needs a commercial contractor can make your facility function better or add do an exterior beautification project or Hardscape? adding some extra square footage.  But before you get started, make sure you ask the commercial contractor you are considering for the remodel addition new construction  the following questions:

  • Is the company licensed  and insured  can they do the work proposed 

  • Can they proved architect and engineering services 

  • Have they completed project similar to yours or proposed project 

  • A commercial contractor usually are General Contractors meaning their services are unlimited.  They can over see any project as managers or simply as consultants.  Picking on commercial contractor should not be hard.  The mission is to try to make the overall experience easier for the client to see there dream from start through completion 

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